For Housing Associations & Local Councils

Social housing is stigmatised, often expectations are low, quality is poor and there is nothing social about the housing that is created. The tenants are encouraged to not associate with one another creating neighborhoods instead of communities. Usually, this is because it’s a failure of the imagination and it needs not be so.

Convivia have taken the corrective’s red pen to social housing and seeking to shift the paradigm.

We’re committed to taking social and making it so cool.


Adding Value To Homes

We provide brand-new luxury homes that meet the national space standard. We only focus on general needs tenants with the intent of providing lifetime homes that are accessible by complying with the local housing allowance rent.

At the end of the 35-year lease, you have the option to acquire the building for a nominal sum (reversionary lease).


Benefits At A Glance

  • Brand new developments of high-end quality & design
  • We offer LHA rates
  • Homes for life for low-income tenants
  • Buildings that meet the national space standard
  • Reversionary lease
  • Designated study areas
  • Prime town centres with external space and gardens where feasible

Get in touch with us here at anish@werconvivia.com.


Convivia Is The Gold Standard In Homes

At Convivia, we create luxury homes and lively communal areas that enhance well-being and promote personal development, regardless of social demographic.

Our stunning professionally interior-designed apartments benefit from triple glazing, underfloor heating, and other finishes befitting the most luxurious developments. 

They all feature a dedicated study area and a fully integrated kitchen with high-spec Tesla appliances. We use materials to stand the test of time and high-quality porcelain tiles for our bathrooms.

Our high-end design methodology enables us to build luxury homes that we can give to the affordable housing sector. 

We maximise the space and conduct usability studies to ensure that activities at home flow organically.

We prioritise sustainability so that our unusual specification upgrades for the sector deliver superior energy efficiency, ensuring that a home remains affordable in its operation, and not only on its rental payments.

We are partnering with Local Authorities and Established Housing Associations across the UK to close the divide between private and public developments, properties – or tenants.

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