QPR & Convivia

Convivia is the sole Principal Partner of Queens Park Rangers [QPR] football club, after signing a three-year deal that will see the brand displayed on the front property of QPR’s home and away strips.

We know that football lies at the heart of the community and unites supporters on a local and global scale – regardless of background, beliefs, or income. Convivia saw football sponsorship as a natural step and decided to proactively select a club that engages with and supports its local community, as consistently demonstrated by QPR.

This is especially special to us as our CEO Roy Ledgister has strong ties to the club having grown up locally in the Shepherds Bush area where the QPR stadium is situated. Roy’s decision to sponsor the club is not only driven by his passion for ‘the R’s’ and QPR Trust, but also his commitment to giving back to, and supporting, the community in which he grew up.

“As a lifelong QPR fan, signing this new sponsorship deal is a genuine honour. Aside from my passion for the Club, I have strong connections to the local area and as a brand, we are fully committed to supporting the community and encouraging individual progression and development, regardless of social demographic. The team and I look forward to working with QPR over this next three-year term and in being part of the Club and its supporter network.”

Roy Ledgister, CEO, Convivia


Supporting The QPR Foundation

As part of our partnership with QPR, we’re delighted to support the QPR Foundation.

Committed to addressing local needs and making a difference to both individuals and the wider London community, the QPR Foundation has generated around £15.86 million in social impact savings, whilst proactively working with over 80 schools across 7 Capital Boroughs.

In working closely with the QPR Foundation, we will play a proactive role in supporting existing initiatives, whilst helping to fund, develop and drive new ones. Not only does our commitment effectively integrate with our vision to empower and transform the lives of low-income tenants UK-wide, our work will also be carefully led and overseen by Convivia’s founder, Roy Ledgister.

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