Our Story

Founded in 2017, Convivia represents our CEO and founder Roy Ledgister’s vision to drive social mobility and housing equality.

An esteemed barrister and entrepreneur, Roy wrote the business plan and raised £50 million investment which was turned into £160 million worth of affordable housing assets in just four years.

Public housing is often stigmatised, though we’re here to shift paradigms. Through our dedicated team, application of our unique Convivia Procurement Method (CPM) and Mayfair design methodology, we strive to deliver luxury homes accessible to all. Through creative thinking and the application of our entrepreneurial model, we are able to deliver unparalleled luxury homes accessible to all, regardless of social demographic.

Collaborating closely with Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK, we are thrilled to announce the next Convivia building will open its doors in Autumn 2022! Our aim is to uniformly create luxury homes and convivial communal areas that enhance well-being and promote personal development.


Our Philosophy

“The most important thing is to make the most important thing, the most important thing”

Roy Ledgister
From a young age, Roy Ledgister was fascinated with how influential figures achieved their success, and applied the thinking of Stoics and prominent motivational speakers, to establish his own philosophy, or ‘rules’, for success.

Whilst out in Atlanta I had the pleasure of visiting the Dr Martin Luther King Memorial, which helped to remind me that even though we at Convivia have plenty of fun during our YouTube videos, there is a real importance in what we’re trying to do in making a difference to the lives of those who reside in our buildings.

In the execution of our plan there is going to be difficulties, challenges and plenty of resistance. But notwithstanding, we have to persevere and execute the mission because like Dr King, I too have a dream.


Our "Why?"

We Empower

Convivia is committed to empowering the lives of low-income tenants through quality and affordable luxury homes, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and advanced communal facilities.

We Drive Positive Change

Deep rooted in this vision is Convivia’s drive to revolutionise the public housing sector, to become synonymous with positive change and to replace sub-par accommodation with luxury homes designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing for all.

“My vision for the future of public housing is one in which we don’t recognise a distinction between private and public developments, properties – or tenants.

I have a dream – a dream that in the UK we will aim to deliver ‘home’s instead of ‘housing’. Where the word ‘social’ reflects an experience and not a label. Where tenants live together, come together, support one another, and grow together. Where technological advancements are used to enhance offline interaction and not simply to replace it.

A dream that we marry tech with homes not for the superficial, but for the beneficial. That tech in an affordable home will be used to empower the tenants, so that one day they will be able to afford their own home. Technology that doesn’t turn the ceiling lights on but turns a tenant’s lights on. Not to close the curtains, but to close a chapter. To heat up our hopes and not just our homes.”

Roy Ledgister


How We Drive Change

With a growing property portfolio, Convivia buildings will empower hundreds of thousands of low-income tenants worldwide.

Our Convivia Procurement Method (CPM) and Mayfair design approach ensures each building adheres to our ‘gold standard’ – becoming synonymous with luxury, reliability, and positive change.

Paradigm Shift

We take a unique approach to delivering homes for the public housing sector in that we do not build ‘public sector homes’ – instead we build private sector luxury homes, and make them accessible to the public housing sector.

Our Technology

We create and utilise technology to enhance the lives of tenants residing in our buildings and beyond.

Quality Materials With Unique Features

Our Convivia Procurement Method is based on leveraging off direct relationships with manufacturers, so we’re able to specify luxury materials throughout Convivia buildings at a fraction of the typical cost – ranging from triple glazing and underfloor heating to high-quality porcelain tiles.


We create robust homes that will stand the test of time. Reducing energy consumption and protecting natural resources in every build, Convivia has developed its own ESG charter to help preserve and protect the environment.

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