The Convivia Standard

We choose not to be restricted by convention and are focussed on shifting paradigms in a stigmatised sector. We are committed to exceeding existing standards in every aspect of our developments.

Raising The Bar​

We create stunning professionally interior designed apartments benefitting from triple glazing, underfloor heating and other finishes befitting the most luxurious developments.

The Convivia Standard is only possible because of our Convivia Procurement Method and Mayfair design approach. We truly are raising the bar!

Putting Sustainability First

We prioritise sustainability to ensure that our unusual specification upgrades for the sector such as triple glazing deliver superior energy efficiency. We focus on ensuring that a home remains affordable in its operation, and not only its rental payments.

Attention To Detail

All our apartments feature a fully integrated kitchen with high-spec Tesla appliances, exclusive to Convivia in the UK. We use solid MDF wood kitchens to stand the test of time.

Every element of our projects is built to last. Prioritising practicality and beauty, our high pigmentation paints and high-grade dry-lining materials are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide unmatched soundproofing. While the minimum requirement is a 43-decibel rating, Convivia aims for between 55-65. We don’t settle.

The Convivia Standard is only possible because of our materials, design, and procurement.


Convivia Materials

We deliver high-quality finishes in residential and communal areas through our carefully sourced materials:
  • Custom-made windows, doors, and kitchens
  • Highest grade finishing materials
  • High-spec appliances
  • High-grade dry-lining materials
  • Branded mechanical and engineering fittings
Our Convivia Procurement Method allows us to deliver the impossible. If you are interested to find out more, please contact us.

Convivia Design

We take a unique approach to design, employing the services of our chief interior designer who has designed the most luxurious hotels in the world including the 7-star Burj Al Arab.

Dedicated Workspace

In a sector where ‘housing’ is often tantamount to little more than shelter, we go beyond with creativity, enabling us to deliver dedicated luxury touches such as dedicated study areas in each apartment.

Scientific Approach

We maximise the space and we conduct usability studies to ensure that life and activities at home flow organically.

Mayfair Design Methodology

Our unique high-end mindset – we call it The Mayfair Design Methodology enables us to build luxury homes that we’re able to give to the affordable housing sector.


Convivia Technology

Convivia is committed to transforming the lives of low-income tenants through luxury affordable housing, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and advanced communal facilities that enhance mental and physical wellbeing.

Unlike conventional ‘PropTech’, our use of technology moves beyond the superficial to the beneficial and has been carefully curated to bring communities together, encourage personal development and inspire health and fitness, so that one day our tenants will be able to afford a home of their own.


Convivia Procurement

Convivia leverages off its worldwide network of relationships with a wide range of manufacturers and supplier-partners. These long-term partnerships allow the group to:

  • Secure the best prices available 
  • Establish serviceability and sustainability of supplier-partners
  • Manage and build relationships with supplier-partners
  • Manage the procurement team operating in the field
  • Review supplier-partners contracts 
  • Constantly review supplier pricing and market options
  • Have an understanding and review of costs of operations including logistic cost, inflation, exchange rates, and macro-economic factors continually assessed by our in-house financial analysts

Convivia Construction

Our construction management approach is flexible and agile. By leveraging a wide range of long-term construction partners, we make sure budgets and deadlines are met. Our expert internal audit and project management team anticipate and assess potential risks.

Convivia Partner Program

Convivia is proud to partner with leading companies to source and acquire additional development sites to truly establish the gold standard of public housing UK-wide.

We are looking for Permitted Development sites in town centres across England. Each opportunity will be assessed on its merits and feedback is provided promptly. For successful opportunities, there will be an introductory fee payable.

If you want to learn more or think you have an opportunity that matches our requirements, please get in touch with us at Acquisitions@werconvivia.com

We recognise our environmental responsibility and re-purpose buildings where possible to minimise the depletion of natural resources, reduce pollution, and mitigate damage to our beautiful planet. We aim to use construction materials sensibly, and recycle waste.

If you want to learn more about Convivia’s Partner Program, please get in touch with us at acquisitions@werconvivia.com

ESG Charter

We have made a commitment to contribute meaningfully to the UN Sustainable Development Goals numbers 3, 9, 10, 11, and 12 creating shared value for our employees, customers, partners, and our communities while safeguarding our planet.
We have created an ESG Charter based on three pillars: Environment, People, and Communities.


We are focused on reducing energy consumption, protecting natural resources, and the provision of a healthy and well-being working environment. By re-using and developing buildings, infrastructures, and communities, we minimise the drying up of natural resources, polluting the environment, or damaging our ecosystems. We aim to use construction materials sensibly while re-purposing and recycling waste.


We believe that everyone can be successful, but many of us – including our tenants – are unaware of our hidden potential.

To create positive change and empower those from disadvantaged backgrounds, Roy Ledgister, CEO of Convivia, founded the Millionaire Mentor initiative, which provides the funding and mentorship required to help individuals transform a business idea into a reality. Commencing with 5 candidates who will each receive £200K to build their business dream, Millionaire Mentor will soon evolve into a network of individuals who have transformed their lives through the initiative and are now able to help others do the same.


Convivia is committed to transforming the lives of low-income tenants through luxury affordable homes, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and inspiring communal.

Unlike conventional ‘PropTech’, our use of technology moves beyond the superficial to the beneficial and has been carefully curated to bring communities together and empower personal development, so that one day our tenants will be able to afford a home of their own.

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