Convivia launches “Socool” campaign to shift standards in the social housing

Convivia has today unveiled ‘Socool’, a new campaign that showcases how the Group challenges the stigma around social housing, by delivering brand new developments that espouse high-end quality and design.

“Socool”, which is the central theme of the campaign, symbolises Convivia changing the conversation around social and making it “so cool”.  Launched on Tuesday 16th August 2022 it will utilise social media, digital advertising, and Convivia’s partnership with Queens Park Ranger Football Club, to highlight the concepts and goals that drive Socool.

Mobilised in 2017 with the objective to drive social mobility and establish the gold standard in affordable homes, Conviva’s ultra-modern luxury developments are underpinned by cutting-edge technology and advanced communal facilities, which enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of tenants.

In seeking to shift the paradigm and revolutionise social housing to ‘SoCool’, each Convivia apartment is professionally designed, meets the national space standard and benefits from a range of high-end features, including triple glazing, underfloor heating, and premium porcelain tiles.

Tenants will also enjoy a dedicated study area and fully integrated wood kitchen with high-spec Tesla appliances. Furthermore, energy efficiency has been prioritised to reduce carbon emissions and minimise the rising cost of everyday living.

Discussing the Socool launch, Roy Ledgister, Founded and CEO of Convivia, said: “Socool promises to reinvigorate the UK’s social housing market which has, for too long, suffered from a lack of imagination and willpower to make things better for tenants. This has resulted in housing stock that is low quality, cramped and in some cases, a risk to life. We know we can do better, and with the support of our social housing partners, Convivia will boldly set new standards in social housing for others to follow.”

Convivia is already partnering with Local Authorities and Established Housing Associations, who have been attracted to the company’s focus on providing lifetime homes, which comply with the local housing allowance rent, and meet the national space standard.

In the autumn the company will support the Socool creative campaign with press engagements, and a range of research and evidence-backed thought leadership, to showcase how stakeholders will benefit from this new gold standard in social housing.

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